Our Unique Approach – The Control Center Difference

We have one philosophy: “Our job is to get you well enough so that you don’t need us anymore.”

In mental health, relationship and addiction treatment, the philosophical vision of a treatment program is instrumental in deciding whether it’s the right place for you or a family member.

At The Control Center, we are committed to providing state of the art rehabilitation and personalized care. Our comprehensive program has helped many people suffering from chemical and behavioral addictions, mental health impairment and dating/relationship therapy.

Some of our clients suffer from mental health disorders like ADHD, OCD, PTSD, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder or depression. Other clients come in with relationship difficulties. And many have difficulties with alcohol, prescription pills, cocaine, opiates, meth, marijuana, club drugs or behavioral addictions like sex, gambling, eating and shopping.

Our philosophy is to provide an intensive outpatient experience with highly qualified and experienced providers as an alternative to traditional inpatient rehab.  We hope to provide you with the support, expertise, clinical tools, insight and experience to make the right lifestyle changes and modifications real time without having to leave your work and family to check into an inpatient facility for months at a time.

The Control Center has many treatment plan options, different price points, a highly qualified staff and an integrated treatment philosophy comprised of cutting edge neuroscience, holistic medicine, individual/group/family therapy and/or a 12 step or an alternative philosophy. And we do direct insurance billing.

On staff, we have preeminent mental health and addiction doctors from UCLA, many licensed and experienced psychologists, accomplished individual, couples and family therapists and many progressive leaders in eastern healing.  This integrated approach with a strong focus on mental health and impulse control has been instrumental in our success with clients.

At the first visit or during our complementary initial consultation, we will map out a customized treatment plan. When a physician, therapist or other primary provider refers a client, we build our team around that primary provider so there is no interruption in care. And after discharge, we provide three complementary after care therapy sessions and a free alumni group.

Dual Diagnosis  (Mental Health Treatment)

Research shows that roughly 60% of people with addictive disorders also have a mental health disorder.  An undiagnosed mental health disorder can be debilitating in every aspect of your life.  A comprehensive evaluation and work up for mental health, relational and addictive disorder symptoms is a key component in choosing the most effective treatment strategy.  We have experts in mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, disordered eating, OCD and ADHD and the combination of psychiatric, psychological, therapeutic, group and holistic treatment strategies can be incredibly effective in alleviating an individual’s overall symptoms.

An example of the most common mental health disorders we treat include:

1)  ADHD
2)  OCD
3)  PTSD & Trauma Disorders
4)  Anxiety Disorders
5)  Mood Disorders (Depression, Bipolar Disorder)

Innovative Medicine (Cutting Edge Medicine)

With new research and technical advances, we continually look for ways to improve our ability to heal.  Injecting medical care, neuroscience and evidence based medicine into mental health and addiction treatment is a powerful and necessary component of good care. Cutting edge psychopharmacology, comprehensive diagnostic assessments, neuropsychological testing and neuro-imaging are just a few of the tools we use to beter diagnose and treat our clients.

Examples of Innovative Medicine Include:

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment
Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation
Neuropsychological Testing
Cutting Edge Psychiatric Medicine

Holistic Medicine (Eastern Medicine)

The use of alternative methods of healing in mental health and addiction treatment has been found to be quite effective.  We may utilize holistic treatment in conjunction with traditional therapy, group and medication management or in place of traditional treatment methods.

For example, a client with ADHD and stimulant abuse (Adderall, for example) may come in and initially require a substitutive non-addictive medication but with regular treatment including meditation, spiritual psychotherapy and acupuncture, they may require less medication or no medication to alleviate their overall symptoms.  Eastern methods of healing, in particular, have been found to be effective in managing impulses, decreasing anxiety and stabilizing mood states.

Examples of Alternative & Holistic Treatments:

Chinese Medicine
Spiritual Psychotherapy
Healing States
Creative Visualization
Trauma Work:  Somatic Experiencing, EMDR
Art Therapy
Executive/Lifestyle Coaching
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Nutritional & Holistic Nutrition Support

Behavioral Addictions (Process Addictions)

With rapid advances in technology, the anonymity and accessibility of the internet and less focus on emotional connection and family dynamics, we are seeing a surge in behavioral addictions or impulse control disorders.  The constellation of symptoms associated with compulsive sexual behavior, pathological gambling, shopping addiction, internet/videogame addiction and binge eating are both controversial and debilitating.

We are experts in the field of impulse control disorders.  Our staff has published research on these topics and we have treated many people suffering from behavioral addictions.  Treatment of these process or behavioral addictions is somewhat different than chemical addictions as many of these out of control behaviors are considered normal in everyday living.

1)  Sex Addiction.
2)  Pathological Gambling.
3)  Shopping Addiction.
4)  Videogame Addiction.
5)  Internet Addiction.
6)  Disordered Eating.