Behavioral Addiction Treatment

A behavioral addiction can cause just as many problems in a person’s life as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. People with behavioral addictions often feel out of control. They might want to change their problematic lifestyle, but they often do not have the skills that facilitate making healthier, conscious choices. The Control Center uses personalized behavioral addiction treatment plans that focus on each individual’s unique needs.Behavioral Addiction Treatment

Types of Behavioral Addictions

There are several types of behavioral addictions treated at The Control Center. In many cases, patients find that they have impulse control problems that make them susceptible to more than one addiction. Some addictions commonly treated at The Control Center include:

Behavioral Addiction Treatments and Mental Health

Many behavioral addictions have underlying mental health issues. Addressing these issues makes long-term rehabilitation possible because it teaches patients how to cope with triggers that lead to unwanted behaviors. The Control Center offers several mental health services, including:

  • Neuropsychological Assessment that diagnoses mental health issues
  • Specialty Psychotherapy that teaches patients how to recognize triggers and learn healthier coping strategies
  • Group Therapy that gives patients an opportunity to learn from each other and develop a support network during their behavioral addiction treatment
  • Spiritual Therapy that incorporates yoga, creative visualization, breathing exercises, and other holistic therapies to bring calm and centeredness to the patient’s life

Medication Management for Behavioral Addictions

Some patients find that prescription medications used in combination with psychotherapy helps them manage their behavioral addictions successfully. The Control Center uses Medical Management to help individuals find an effective medication regimen. Professionals also work closely with patients to make sure they use prescription medications properly as a part of the overall behavioral addiction treatment. Those with chemical dependencies might also need to undergo the Medical Detoxification Program before moving forward with treatment.

If unwanted behaviors have damaged your career, health, or relationships, contact The Control Center to learn more about how a personalized behavioral addiction treatment plan could benefit you.