Fame Addiction

Hollywood N.O.S.Fame AddictionFame Addiction TreatmentWhat is Hollywood N.O.S?

Hollywood N.O.S. is an unofficial title for a series of behaviors and symptoms that cause an individual to “lose themselves” in a world of fantasy associated with either the business of Hollywood or the partying social scene of Hollywood. Hollywood N.O.S (not otherwise specified), or a fame addiction, refers to a condition that causes impairment but doesn’t fit with any currently recognized disorder. It describes a negative pattern of behavior for the sole purpose of achieving validation.

Although it’s name is regional and involves the entertainment industry, the concept of being conditioned or seduced by validation from others or the party scene is not unique to Hollywood, it can occur almost anywhere.

With the popularity of Reality Television, more and more people are struggling with these symptoms…

Are you “addicted” to partying in the club scene?

Are you “obsessed” with making it in the entertainment industry?

Common Characteristics may include some or all of the following:

  • Constantly going out to party in the “scene” without a focus on life.
  • Needing constant validation from the entertainment industry.
  • Underlying Anxiety, Depression or Hypomania
  • Impulsivity
  • Self Esteem Issues (rejection, etc.)
  • Identity Formation Difficulties
  • Being overly opportunistic regarding relationships (every connection is evaluated for usefulness)
  • Substance Abuse (alcohol, prescription pills, illicit drugs)
  • Living in a Fantasy World
  • Personality Disorder Traits (Narcissism, Histrionic, Dependent, etc)

“In the entertainment industry, some people hit the pause button in their life and take a vacation from emotional growth and development as a sacrifice to be in the industry.” (Dr. Reef)

“It was like I was an egomaniac with an inferiority complex”. (Hollywood N.O.S. patient)

Hollywood N.O.S. impairment can be significant and may lead to problems like: prescription pill dependence, plastic surgery addiction, clinical depression, sexual acting out, alcoholism or drug dependence and difficulties establishing any kind of meaningful relationships.