Eating Disorders Treatment

Many people develop eating disorders because they have a pathological need to reach unobtainable physical perfection. Others develop eating orders in an attempt to control some aspect of life. While these disorders can affect people around the world, those living in L.A. often experience exceptional pressure that leads to eating disorders. The Control Center uses personalized eating disorder treatment plans to help individuals learn healthy eating habits, develop healthier coping strategies, and foster a more realistic perspective of their body.Eating Disorders Treatment

Types of Eating Disorders Treatment at The Control Center

There are several types of eating disorders treated at The Control Center. Some of the most commonly treated disorders include binge eating, anorexia, and bulimia. Whether you overeat, purge, or restrict your eating, The Control Center can develop a treatment plan that will address your unique needs.

Treating Eating Disorders at The Control Center

People with eating disorders often have underlying mental health issues that make it difficult for them to control their behaviors. The Control Center uses several mental health services to address these issues and promote long-term health. Some services often incorporated into eating disorder treatment plans include:

  • Individual Therapy that provides one-on-one access to a trained counselor who can help develop healthier strategies for coping with unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and triggers
  • Group Therapy that helps people with eating disorders learn from each other and develop a supportive network
  • Family and Couples Therapy to help strengthen relationships, helps loved ones understand the disorder, and encourage loved ones to get involved in the recovery process
  • Spiritual Therapy that uses holistic techniques such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and creative visualization to help people recovering from eating disorders find healthier ways of managing stress and other triggers that often lead to unhealthy eating habits

Nutritional Counseling from the Control Center

People with eating disorders often need help to be guided to develop healthy eating behaviors. Nutritional counseling from The Control Center teaches patients how to manage food so that they attain the diet and exercise that they need to lead healthy lives.

If you think that an eating disorder has disrupted your life, contact The Control Center to learn more about how a personalized treatment plan could help you recover and improve your health.