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Welcome to Vitality Control Centers, Beverly Hills


Our treatment programs target elimination of opioid dependence in patients with addiction or chronic pain.  We offer comprehensive chronic pain rehabilitation services as well as treatment of substance use disorder and behavioral health for patients with complex mental health issues.

Dedicated to Providing Innovative Treatment

10 million Americans have been prescribed long-term opioid therapy for chronic pain. You are not alone in your pain or dependance of opioids.

Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain management, opioid addiction, or both, we are here to help. Click below to find out more about our chronic pain program and opioid addiction program.

What does Vitality Treatment include?

We're doing treatment differently.

We are combining novel treatments, technologies, and international scientific research to provide effective new treatments for patients living with chronic pain and addiction.

World-Class Medical Team

Our medical team includes board certified physicians, psychologists, psychiatrist, physical therapists, nurses, and behavioral health specialists.

Clinically-Proven Treatment

We have partnered with research universities across North America and conducted clinical trails to develop advances in treatment.

Emerging Technology

Stay connected with your medical care team through wearables, apps, and on-demand resources.

Personalized Treatment

Patients receive a tailored, personalized treatment based on comprehensive assessment with our medical team.

Follow Up Care

Our Vitality Program extends patient care to 12 months to improve recovery outcomes, unlike traditional programs which typically last 45 days.

Wellness Resources

Our program is designed to provide patients with the tools and education vital for long-term, sustainable recovery.

We have one job, to get you well enough that you don’t need us anymore.

Vitality Control Centers has assembled a unique team of physicians, scientists, psychologists, as well as researchers and engineers. Our team is pioneering approaches that aim to reduce the burden of drug dependence across the United States.

Welcome to Beverly Hills!

Our Outpatient Office

Vitality Control Center, Beverly Hills is located on the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards. Centrally located, we’re a few miles from Los Angeles Airport, Downtown Los Angeles, and Hollywood.

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