India Bans Codeine Cough Syrup To Help Fight Sizzurp Addiction

 Sizzurp?? Ever heard of it?

Sizzurp?? Ever heard of it?

Lil Wayne was reportedly abusing “sizzurp” and it’s making its way through Hollywood fast.

What is “sizzurp” and how bad is it?

It’s bad enough that the entire nation of India has placed a ban on any cough syrup that contains codeine to prevent the spread of sizzurp abuse.

With the continued increase of international abuse of sizzurp, a drink concocted of cough syrup that has codeine in it and fizzy and/or fruity drinks, India has decided to nip it in the bud within its own borders. The drink’s use has risen to a point that the Indian government can no longer manage. The states of Bihar and Maharashtra are the main places of concern, so the country decided that a nationwide ban would counteract the growing abuse.

India, Canada, and the United States are currently experiencing the highest rates of abuse and addiction to codeine cough syrup, and sizzurp. Have you heard about this?

Sizzurp and codeine usage has been glamorized by international music personalities to the point where millions of people are at least trying the drink. Lil Wayne seems to have become the face of sizzurp, but other rappers are also mentioning it in their lyrics. Young people who listen to hip-hop and rap music, and who look up to these stars and want to emulate them, are thinking that it’s okay to drink sizzurp.

Experimenting with an opiate is dangerous though. Codeine is in the same drug family as heroin. This part of the reality is not included in the hype or the fun surrounding codeine and sizzurp use presented in the media.

Just like heroin, OxyContin, Vicodin, Norco, and other opiates, codeine and cough syrup with codeine causes its user to feel euphoria and an absence of pain, but while that is happening the drug is also suppressing the central nervous system. Breathing is slowed down dramatically, heart rate is much lower than normal, and brain functioning is slowed and confused.

Withdrawal from an opiate is among the worst of any drug. It is said that once someone makes it through opiate withdrawal without using, he or she has a major deterrent to ever use again: not wanting to experience those symptoms again!

For people like Lil Wayne who have been hospitalized because of seizures linked to codeine abuse, why would consumption of sizzurp continue? And, why would rappers continue to express the coolness that comes with codeine use and abuse?

Do rappers like Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake and Ludacris, who mention sizzurp use in their music, need to take more responsibility for the widespread impact their nonchalant messages of drug abuse are conveying, or are they grown men who are free to do as they please and make songs about it? With the way drug use is progressing in the United States and internationally, something needs to happen to change the way the next generations are viewing substance abuse and addiction.

India’s ban on codeine cough syrup to help fight sizzurp addiction is one of those steps, but does making a drug illegal ever really stop its usage levels? It seems people will always find a way to use their drug, or drugs, of choice.

India might be taking the first positive action to fight the rise of sizzurp, codeine, and overall opiate abuse problem that plagues our world. Who will be next?!

What’s important for people who have tried sizzurp and have developed an addiction to codeine is to seek treatment. Opiate addiction is treatable with the desire to get clean and to start a life of recovery. With individual therapy, peer process groups, educational components, and holistic approaches, you, or someone you love, can stop using codeine. Tools for handling cravings, and skills to cope with difficult situations that may trigger the desire to use, are learned and applied to everyday life while in rehab.

Find out how you can recover from a codeine addiction today.
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  • It is easy to get addicted to codeine however, there are many people like myself who suffer with chronic pain and this is the only medication that will help me lead a normal life. I understand there are many who abuse this drug but until doctors get a better understanding of chronic pain management then it can be prescribed safely and correctly

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