Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Alcoholism can have numerous negative effects on a person’s life. Personal relationships often do not survive the stress of alcohol dependency. Alcoholics can also experience career, health, and legal problems. The Control Center offers alcohol rehab services that help individuals and their loved ones overcome the immediate effects of alcoholism and learn coping strategies that can lead to long-term sobriety.


TCC’s Publications on Alcohol

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Alcohol Rehab Services at The Control Center

AlcoholThe Control Center creates personalized alcohol rehab treatment plans that combine effective services to meet each patient’s individual needs. People undergoing alcohol rehab services may need to begin with a medical detoxification plan. This plan:

  • Minimizes alcohol withdrawal effects
  • Eliminates alcohol use under the supervision of trained medical professionals
  • Uses medications, when appropriate, to control one’s cravings for alcohol
  • Helps establish a break in alcohol use to promote long-term sobriety

Alcohol Rehab and Mental Health Services

Alcohol dependency often exists with underlying mental health issues. The Control Center incorporates mental health counseling into each person’s alcohol rehab plan to make sure that he or she has the necessary tools to overcome alcohol addiction. Some popular mental health services include:

  • Neuropsychological Assessment that help identify mental health issues
  • Individual Counseling that teaches healthy strategies for coping with triggers that lead to alcohol use
  • Group Therapy that provides recovering alcoholics with an opportunity to share their experiences with each other and create a supportive network that encourages sobriety
  • Couples and Family Therapy that helps mend the relationships damaged by alcohol abuse and creates a stronger support system that promotes sobriety both during and after alcohol rehab

Holistic Services for Alcohol Rehab 

The Control Center often includes alternative therapies in a patient’s individualized alcohol rehab plan. These holistic services can help recovering alcoholics maintain control over their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so that they do not have to turn to alcohol. Some alternative therapies used at The Control Center include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Creative Visualization
  • Breathing Exercises

If you worry that your alcohol use is causing damage to your health, career, and relationships, contact The Control Center to learn more about how an personalized alcohol rehab plan could help you.