Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Bath Salts, also known as “Ivory Wave,” “Purple Wave,” “Vanilla Sky,” and “Bliss” are a growing designer drug across the U.S. Bath Salts are synthetic cathinones that look like Epsom salts, which is how they got their nickname. Reports from the American Association of Poison Control Centers, bath salt use has increased greatly since 2010.

People who use this drug may experience paranoia, hallucinations, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, agitation, and suicidal thoughts or even suicidal behavior.  According to Zane Horowitz, MD, of the Oregon Poison Center, these suicidal thoughts and behaviors can last “even after the stimulatory effects of the drugs have worn off. At least for [Bath Salts] there have been a few highly publicized suicides a few days after their use.”

Important Facts About Bath Salts

  • People who use bath salts are at risk for developing an addiction as powerful as methamphetamine addiction.
  • The average age of use is 28, but the drug is widespread due to easy access and media coverage.
  • The drug is sometimes made from a combination of pyrovalerone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone, and mephedrone and the result is a powerful stimulant. However street derivatives are brewed by illegal chemists, so no one can know for certain what they are consuming.
  • Individuals who are addicted to bath salts may require rehab, inpatient treatment, or outpatient treatment depending on the needs of the addict.

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