People with bipolar disorder can experience unwanted interruptions in their lives because of elevated or depressed moods. Bipolar disorder can also cause delusions, hallucinations, suicidal ideation, and other serious concerns. The Control Center uses a personalized approach to treatment to help individuals maintain balanced mental health.


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Medication Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

The Control Center offers medical management services that can help people with bipolar disorder find medications that work well for them. There are several types of medications used in bipolar treatment plans. Each person has a unique response to these drugs, therefore it is essential to explore treatment options with a trained professional.

Treating for Bipolar Disorder at The Control Center

The Control Center does not simply offer medication to treat bipolar disorder. There is a wide range of therapeutic options that could contribute to your mental health and general well-being. Some of the counseling services offered by The Control Center include:

  • Individual therapy that lets you work one-on-one with a counselor to work on emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and lifestyle management
  • Group therapy that helps people with bipolar disorder learn from each other and create supportive networks
  • Family and Couples Counseling that teaches loved ones about the disorder and strengthens relationships through effective communication and exercises
  • Spiritual Therapy that incorporates meditation, yoga, creative visualization, breathing exercises, and other alternative approaches that aid the patient in remaining calm and enable them to make healthy decisions

Bipolar Disorder and Related Disorders

Bipolar disorder often occurs with other types of mental health and behavioral issues. Other cooccurring disorders that can be treated through the comprehensive program at The Control Center include:

  • Sex Addiction
  • Eating Disorders
  • Compulsive Shopping
  • Pathological Gambling
  • Video Game Addiction
  • Internet Addiction
  • Obsessive Thoughts

With a personalized bipolar treatment plan, you will get the specific tools that you need to take back control of your life and learn to make healthy choices that minimize the influence of bipolar disorder. If you worry that you have lost control of your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, contact The Control Center to learn more about how a personalized treatment plan could benefit you.