Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction, like addictions to other substances, can cause serious problems in an individual’s life. Dependency on the drug can harm personal relationships, affect work performance, and lead to legal troubles. For some people, though, marijuana abstinence takes more than just the decision to say “no.” They need an effective marijuana addition treatment plan that addresses the physical and mental issues of their dependency.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Services

The Control Center uses a variety of therapies to create individualized treatment plans that help marijuana addicts reach their goals. Each individual receives a personalized treatment schedule that might include:

Spiritual Therapy
Specialty Psychotherapy
Nutritional Consultation
Medical Management
Neuropsychological Assessment

Addressing Mental Health Issues

A reliable marijuana addiction treatment needs to address mental health issues that might co-occur with physical dependency. The Control Center uses a variety of mental health programs and alternative practices to address these issues, making it possible for addicts to learn healthy coping skills that enable them to attain long-term sobriety. Some of the most successful mental health services include:

Couples and Family Therapy to develop stronger relationships and a social system that supports marijuana abstinence
Spiritual Therapy that includes meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and creative visualization to help addicts develop rich inner lives and helps them regain control of their behavior
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) that helps individuals recover from traumatic experiences that might underlie their addictions

Long-term Sobriety is Possible

The Control Center’s personalized marijuana addiction treatments can help individuals find healthier ways of coping with the stressors that they encounter in life. For many people, long-term sobriety depends on this step. The Control Center offers outpatient services to help addicts maintain control over their lives, even during stressful periods that could potentially lead to relapse. The Control Center also supports off-site MA, NA, and AA programs for long-term sobriety.

No matter what level of addiction you or a loved one faces, The Control Center can develop a marijuana addition treatment program that helps each person achieve a successful recovery. Contact The Control Center today to learn more about taking back control of your life.