Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction can cause serious problems in a person’s life, including health complications, financial distress, damaged relationships, and legal repercussions. Unfortunately, many people struggle to overcome cocaine addiction without success. A comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment from The Control Center focuses on a combination of therapies that help each individual reach his or her goal, making success possible regardless of one’s addiction level.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Options

Each person responds to cocaine addiction treatment differently. The Control Center takes an integrative approach to make sure addicts have access to the options that work well for them. This often means treating mental health problems that co-occur with addiction. A comprehensive treatment program from The Control Center could include any of the following services:

Neuropsychological Assessment
Medical Management
Specialty Psychotherapy
Spiritual Therapy
Nutritional Consultation

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Services

Addicts often have underlying issues that make it difficult for them to stop using cocaine and other drugs. The Control Center has a variety of programs that make it possible for patients to identify these issues and find healthy ways of coping with stress:

Medical Detoxification Program helps cocaine addicts overcome the initial hurdle of ceasing cocaine use safely and with the proper medical assistance
Couples and Family Therapy helps addicts strengthen their relationships so that they have a support network once they leave The Control Center’s facility
Spiritual Therapy incorporates meditation, yoga, breathing, and creative visualization to create a personalized plan that leads to better mental health and control over one’s life

Holistic Services for Cocaine Addiction

The Control Center also incorporates holistic therapies into traditional medical practices. Some of the most successful alternative therapies include:

Somatic Experiencing
Chinese Medicine

The Control Center helps cocaine addicts break the cycle of addiction and learn new ways to cope with the triggers that all too often lead to relapse. Contact The Control Center to get the help you need today.