Frequently Asked Questions


1)  What's your philosophy? What makes you different?"

We are a truly integrated outpatient center specializing in primary mental health, chemical & behavioral addictions, toxic relationships and personal development. Our center was formed by a medical physician and we pay special care to the connection between neuroscience, human behavior, psychotherapy, and holistic healing.  We have a strong experience in psychological conditions, co-occurring disorders and substance abuse. 


2)  How long is your program?

The average length of stay at our program is 90 days, however many patients choose to stay longer. We are able to customize a more intensive starter program as well. 


3)  Do you take insurance?

We can run a verification of benefits check for insurance and potentially utilize insurance for part of or sometimes all of the program.


4)  Can you just treat a mental health problem?

Yes, we have a primary specialty in mental health which is quite unique in the outpatient treatment program world.


5)  Do you do family work?

We absolutely emphasize family week, if the patient changes but the family doesn't or the family doesn't understand how best to communicate, the chances of long term changes is minimized.


6)  Can you assist with detoxification?

Yes, we can initiate and outpatient detoxification at our center or assist in setting up an inpatient detoxification at a hospital or detox center prior to starting our program.


7)  Do you have or can you set up housing?

Yes, we work with various sober livings to coordinate housing a part of an intensive treatment program.


8)  Do you work with other doctors, therapists or rehabs?

Yes, we work with many medical physicians, therapists, mental health centers, rehabs, sober livings, and interventionists. We can also work as an added support team to a primary therapist or primary phychiatrist where they continue seeing their patient while we add on more treatment support.