Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction

Heroin addiction often leads to legal issues, poor performance at work, financial distress, health problems, and damaged relationships with loved ones. No matter the severity of one’s addiction, it is possible to stop using heroin safely. The Control Center offers personalized heroin addiction treatment plans that take an integrated approach to both physical and mental health.

Stopping the Addiction Cycle

The Control Center offers a flexible length of stay that gives addicts the medical attention they need to stop using heroin. The Medical Detoxification Program stops the addiction cycle while providing medical supervision during drug detoxification process. This gives patients the chance they need to physically recover from their addiction, followed by the opportunity to learn new skills that will help them cope with stressors and triggers without turning to heroin use after detox.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Services

The Control Center uses a combination of services to meet each person’s unique needs. Long-term sobriety often means that addicts have to undergo counseling as well as detoxification. Counseling helps addicts develop effective life skills that can help them develop healthier relationships and habits. An effective heroin addiction treatment plan might include:

Medical Management
Neuropsychological Assessment
Specialty Psychotherapy
Spiritual Therapy
Nutritional Consultation

Leading a Healthier Life without Drugs

The Control Center is devoted to helping addicts lead healthier lives without drugs. Intensive outpatient services, therefore, involve a variety of options to make heroin addiction treatment more effective. Couples and Family Therapy, for instance, helps addicts form stronger bonds with their loved ones. This gives them a better support system that can help them avoid heroin use in the future. Spiritual Therapy also makes long-term abstinence more obtainable through meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and creative visualization. Developing a healthy spiritual life is often a significant step towards integrating healthy habits into one’s daily life.

The Control Center assesses each heroin addiction treatment for each individual. This allows counselors and medical professionals to identify the issues in each unique patient’s life that has lead to heroin use and abuse. Call The Control Center today to learn more about how you can take back control over your life rather than relying on dangerous substances to cope with life’s obstacles.