Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction Treatment

Internet Addiction

An Internet addiction can have tremendously negative impacts on a person’s daily life. It often interferes with work performance, personal relationships, and physical and mental health. As Internet use takes up more and more time, addicts might feel that they have lost control of their lives. The Control Center uses personalized Internet addiction treatment plans to address your unique issues and help you make healthier choices.

What is Internet Addiction?

Internet addiction treatments from The Control Center focus on the individual’s experiences and struggles. For many people, Internet addiction includes several symptoms, such as:

  • A preoccupation with the Internet at inappropriate times
  • An inordinate amount ot time spent on social-networking sites instead of developing relationships in the real world
  • Excessive watching of pornography which may compromise one’s interpersonal relationships
  • Using the Internet to escape negative feelings such as depression or low self-esteem
  • Weight gain, poor hygiene, carpal tunnel, and other physical effects of an Internet obsession
  • Jeopardizing work and relationships to use the Internet

Internet Addiction Treatment Services

The Control Center incorporates a variety of services into Internet addiction treatment plans to make sure that each individual can reach his or her goals. Some of the treatment options include:

  • Neuropsychological Assessment that acknowledges underlying mental health issues that can lead to Internet addiction
  • Specialty Psychotherapy to address mental health issues such as depression and anxiety that often co-exist with Internet addiction
  • Spiritual Therapy that uses alternative techniques such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and creative visualization to help one maintain control so that the client can make healthier lifestyle choices

Recovering from an Internet Addiction

Effective Internet addiction treatment plans often include services that help the individual recover from the negative effects of addiction. The Control Center uses outpatient services to help individuals recover. These services include:

  • Family and Couples Therapy that helps strengthen relationships and helps Internet addicts learn new ways to cope with their emotions
  • Nutritional Consultations that help Internet addicts recover from the health effects of using the Internet compulsively

If you feel that you have lost control of your Internet usage, contact The Control Center to learn more about how a personalized Internet addiction treatment plan could help you.