Living in today’s world can create a lot of stress that in turn exacerbates any underlying mental health issues. The Control Center’s personalized mental health treatment plans offer effective outpatient services for those struggling with a wide range of issues.


Types of Mental Health Issues

The Control Center has experience in working with many types of mental health issues. Some common mental health disorders include:


-Anxiety Disorders

-Panic Disorder

-Bipolar Disorder

-Obsessive Thinking

-Impulse Control Disorders

-Counseling and medication have helped many people learn to cope with these disorders. The Control Center offers a personalized approach to creating a mental health treatment plan that targets your needs with therapies that work well for you.



Mental Health Services at The Control Center

Since each person can respond differently to various types of therapies and medications, The Control Center offers a range of mental health services. When incorporated into an individualized, integrated, and over-arching plan, many people find that these services can help them take back control of their lives. Some of the therapy options at the Control Center include:

-Neuropsychological Assessment that identifies mental health issues

-Individual Psychotherapy that helps you learn healthier ways of coping with negative emotions and intrusive thoughts

-Group Counseling that gives individuals an opportunity to learn from and support each other

-Family and Couples Counseling that strengthens relationships and improves communication

-Spiritual Therapy that uses alternative methods such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, creative visualization, and breathing exercises to help you stay centered and in control



Treatment Programs from The Control Center

Individuals with mental health issues might find that they confront other problems in their lives. The Control Center has several programs that identify and treat these issues. Some of the common disorders treated at The Control Center are:

-Chemical Dependencies

-Eating Disorders

-Shopping Addiction

-Pathological Gambling

-Video Game Addiction

-Internet Addiction

-Sex Addiction

-Fame Addiction