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Mission Statement

When dealing with rehabilitation of any kind, and especially mental health and substance use disorders, and chronic pain, the philosophical vision of a treatment program should be instrumental in helping you decide whether it’s the right place for you or a family member.

We have one job, to get you well enough that you don’t need us anymore.

Dr. Reef Karim, Chief Medical Officer, Vitality Healthtech

Through Vitality Healthtech, and The Control Center, we have assembled a unique team of physicians, scientists, psychologists, as well as researchers and engineers, which are pioneering approaches that aim to reduce the burden of drug dependence across the United States.  We are developing protocols designed to greatly simplify and ease the ability for patients to eliminate their use of opiate painkillers in particular, and to ensure that these benefits are durable (i.e. long-term control of cravings, pain, and anxiety).

We are committed to providing state of the art rehabilitation and personalized care, including through use of cannabinoid therapy, intravenous medications, and access to methods that can safely and rapidly put you on a trajectory towards improved function and independence.  With roots in the treatment of chemical and behavioral addictions, our comprehensive pain rehabilitation programs are multidisciplinary, and they’ve now been adapted to more universally treat chronic pain and to help combat the opiate epidemic in the U.S.

Some of our clients suffer from mental health disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or depression.  Many others are suffering from chronic physical pain that has been unsuccessfully treated by conventional medicine.  It’s very common for anyone suffering from chronic pain to also experience overlapping problems, including problems with their mood or depression.  Many people with chronic pain also have become opioid-dependent.  What started as a seemingly harmless medical treatment for chronic pain often turns into a major problem long-term, having tremendously negative adverse effects on their health, and also failing to adequately addressing their underlying health issues.   Our comprehensive approach to emotional pain, chronic physical pain, and opioid dependence utilizes cutting-edge treatments and also provides education and tools designed to help you rapidly regain and sustain lost quality-of-life.  Our aim is that all of our patients become stronger, both emotionally and physically, and to leave our programs in a more independent state where they are unlikely to require intensive treatment options in the future, if any treatment at all.