Pain Killers


Pain killers

Pain killers are among the most commonly abused prescription drugs. Over time, addiction can take a severe toll on both a person’s mental as well as their physical health. In many cases, addiction to pain killers may also lead to legal problems and erode relationships. Quitting a pain killer addiction, however, is not a simple matter of choice for many people. It takes an effective pain killer addiction treatment plan like those offered by The Control Center.

Supervised Medical Detoxification at The Control Center

Addicts often learn to depend on pain killers just to get through the day. It is important to break that cycle of addiction so you can learn new coping strategies that promote healthy behaviors and help to develop new relationships. The Control Center uses a Medical Detoxification Program that eliminates drugs from your system and gives your body time to recover safely under medical supervision.

Pain Killer Addiction Treatment Services

Many addicts have underlying mental health issues that make it difficult for them to stop using drugs. The Control Center addresses each client’s individual needs by creating a personalized pain killer addiction treatment plan. The personalized plan might include:

  • Medical Management to prevent relapse and promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Neuropsychological Assessment to determine whether the client has any underlying mental health issues that may influence their recovery
  • Specialty Psychotherapy to make sure that the client’s mental health needs are addressed through effective techniques that replace unwanted coping means with healthier skills
  • Spiritual Therapy to help recovering addicts find calm and control in their lives through meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and creative visualization
  • Nutritional Consultation to promote physical health and well-being

Treatment for Long-Term Sobriety

Long-term sobriety often requires addicts to learn new coping skills and entails developing new, healthy relationships. Couples and Family Therapy from The Control Center allow addicts and their loved ones to repair damaged bonds so that they can start building lasting relationships that help promote long-term sobriety.

The Control Center personalizes each pain killer addiction treatment to meet the needs of the client. If pain killer abuse or dependency has negatively affected your life, then contact The Control Center for help in overcoming your addiction.