Prescription Pills

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

We are currently in a prescription pill epidemic.

1) More than 6.3 million Americans reported current use of prescription drugs for nonmedical purposes in 2004.

2) Unintentional fatal drug overdoses almost doubled from 1999 to 2004 and the majority are due to prescription pills (CDC)

3) Prescription pill abuse has become even more of a problem than marijuana abuse in adolescents.



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Prescription drugs are among the most heavily abused substances in the United States. Combating abuse often means that individuals need to find an effective prescription drug abuse treatment that helps them make the necessary changes in their lives that enable them to stay sober. The Control Center offers treatment techniques that have helped numerous people get sober and stay sober.

Effective Therapies at the Control Center

The Control Center uses five services that can help clients reach their goals. Each of these services adds to a complete prescription drug abuse treatment that can create meaningful change in your life.

Medical Management
Neuropsychological Assessment
Specialty Psychotherapy
Spiritual Therapy
Nutritional Consultation

The Help You Need to Stay Sober

The Control Center uses holistic programs to make sure each patient receives the support that he or she needs to combat prescription drug abuse. Some of these programs include:

Medical Detoxification to eliminate drugs from your system
Couples Therapy and Family Therapy to create a supportive network and address issues that could lead to relapse
Hollywood N.O.S., which addresses healthy mental development
Spiritual Therapy that uses a combination of meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, creative visualization, and a personalized spiritual growth program

Effective Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Options

There are numerous approaches to creating an effective prescription drug abuse treatment. A plan that works well for one person might not have the same successful effect for another client. In the vast majority of cases, individuals simply cannot stop abusing prescription drugs without help from professionals. These professionals understand the latest, most effective drug abuse treatments, and they know how to spot the warning signs of relapse. Some clients choose to enroll in a 12-step program for additional support after leaving the Control Center. Before you take that step, however, you need help from experienced, trained professionals who can help you go through the detoxification phase and help you make the positive life changes that lead to health and sobriety.

The Control Center offers the prescription drug abuse treatment options that people need to make healthy decisions about their lifestyles. Contact the Control Center now to take back control of your life.