The Control Center by Vitality in the Media

At The Control Center by Vitality, we believe in a future without opioid addiction. Our leadership, medical team, and staff members are paving the way by bringing innovative solutions to forefront. Members from our world-class team have been featured in national television shows from CNN to Good Morning America, written research articles for medical publications, and spoken at international conferences.

Interview Requests

The Control Center by Vitality is committed to increasing awareness on opioid addiction treatment, chronic pain treatment, and innovative solutions to the opioid epidemic. For media and press inquiries, please contact

Media Appearances


Dr. Reef Karim discusses prescription drug addiction on CNN.

Dr. Karim is the founder of The Control Center and the Chief Medical Officer at Vitality.


Dr. Reef Karim discusses opioid addiction in the aftermath of Prince’s death.


Dr. Reef Karim sits down with a family affected by prescription drug dependence and heroin addiction.

Fox 11 News

Dr. Reef Karim joins Fox 11 News to speak on how to identify and cope with holiday blues.