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The Control Center has proven to be an effective program that addressed ALL of my recovery needs. The staff was not only incredibly knowledgeable about drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but also equally skilled at treating my other mental health issues. I’ve been to several other programs and for the 1st time, I feel like I truly understand my underlying reasons for using now and I finally have a chance at being successful. I could not have asked for a better program to support my new, sober way of living!

-Mark S. 



There are a multitude of factors that make The Control Center so special, but the first one that comes to mind is the staff. The staff genuinely cares and they go above and beyond to make it a life changing experience. My whole team was truly amazing and I felt especially inspired by Dr. Yaghmaie (my psychiatrist), Dr. Widera (my primary therapist) and Rohini (my spiritual therapist). I also wanted to thank Rebecca (the admissions coordinator) because she really put me at ease when I first called and made me feel so welcome.

-Mary T.


Chemical Addictions & 12 step

I had no idea what sobriety meant until I came to The Control Center. I realized my emotional sobriety and quality of life were more important than simply celebrating my days of physical clean time. The program helped me really raise the standards of what recovery means in my life. All my shame, self-pity, and self-destructive attitudes have slowly disappeared. Working the 12-steps in conjunction with the meditation, yoga, nutrition, group therapy and intensive individual sessions, really felt like the personalized plan I needed to achieve sustainable physical and emotional sobriety.

-Curtis T.



The complete service provided at The Control Center was exemplary. The combination of neuropsychological testing and assessment, holistic and trauma therapy, sexual addiction and relationship therapy, medication management and psychiatric therapy was exactly what I required. The staff from The Control Center was empathetic, understanding and motivating. I am now on the road to recovery.

-Brett T.



Behavioral Addictions

I came into The Control Center for my sex addiction. It was destroying my marriage and I hated myself for it. I went to 1 other sex rehab and I just told them what they wanted to hear. I became a chameleon and lost sight of who I was. I heard about The Control Center from a friend who had a good experience there. I completed a 90 day intensive program and loved it. They did a ton of family therapy, marital therapy and really helped me gain a sense of purpose and meaning in my life. I don’t have to put on a facade any more and I learned how to live in a place of authenticity. The therapists at The Control Center make it safe to change and I’m now able to experience intimacy and closeness in my life.

-Edward F.


Empathy & Sensitivity

I owe thanks to all the Control Office Admin and Dr. Reef for being sensitive and sensible for their clients. First of all what matters is to see and feel that they are there for their clients and they do care for them.

-Esra A.



Dr. Karim, the staff and the facility are world-class.   They have a wide variety of therapy options, the hours are good and the clinic is easy to get to, with ample parking.    Dr. Karim has a superb reputation among his colleagues and with the addiction and recovery community.  They take insurance and they can customize and individualize treatment so that it lasts only as long as it is necessary, not as long as insurance companies dictate.

-Timothy F.



I have been working with the staff at this location and have found them to be patient, very professional. Dr. Reef Karim is an expert in his field and has surrounded himself with an exceptional team.

-Matthew A. 



Excellent service and top quality professionals. Understood specific requirements and designed a program for me. Considered and empathetic approach always taken.

-Brett S.



I've referred patients to The Control Center for over 3 years now. They embody the true meaning of healing, holistic, effective, and compassionate. A truly unique place, and I am so glad we can rely on their expertise to help some of our most vulnerable patients. Dr. Karim is a visionary.

- Dr. Nasimeh Y. 


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