Cravings Control & Wellness

Cravings Control & Wellness Programs

Upon leaving our rehabilitation programs, pain and anxiety levels should be low, and any withdrawal symptoms should be fading and manageable.  But for many, the hard part begins when they leave a structured program like ours, when they must go back out into their communities, see their families and friends again, begin work, and deal with the inevitable stress and changes in their busy lives.

In order to ensure long-term success for our patients, we have developed a Cravings Control program that helps people adapt to any environment, ensures they stay in touch with key healthcare professionals, and also ensures they stay in touch with their body’s own stress signals.  We want every graduate of our program to be able to adapt readily into their communities and work environment, be resilient in the face of life’s challenges, and to have the freedom to worry about anything they want without the risk of triggering severe physiological cravings.

Modern neuroscience is now being integrated with insights from diverse fields, including endocrinology, in order to better understand when the body is well rested and adapted, or when it’s in a high-stress “fight-or-flight” mode.  By learning to pay attention to these biomarkers, and also using the latest treatment protocols available, we are expecting our graduates to not only achieve marked reduction in cravings upon exit of our intensive outpatient programs, but for the reduction in cravings to be durable over many months and years.

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