Opioid Dependence

Opioid Dependence

Opioid medications are often over-utilized as a treatment for chronic pain, despite the many problems long-term opioid treatment for pain creates. Problems such as, increased pain, fatigue, depression, addiction and dependence, and feelings of helplessness result when opioids are used long-term for chronic pain. In our Functional Restoration Program, we recognize the problems with long-term opioid treatment for chronic pain and provide cutting-edge forms of medication-assisted treatment to help patients seamlessly taper down or eliminate altogether their use of opioid painkillers, including through use of cannabinoid therapies.

Intensive Outpatient Program (Day and Night Programs)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is available for patients who may benefit from a structured therapeutic program but less intensive than full-day treatment or hospitalization.  Intensive Outpatient Treatment is typically 3 days per week, 3 hours per day. This program is designed for those who need comprehensive services while also having the flexibility to accommodate careers and school, while residing at home or at a structured recovery facility. Included in this package are group therapy, individual therapy, psychiatric and addiction services, and access to innovative treatments such as cannabinoid therapy offered by physicians affiliated with The Control Center.  Outpatient treatment also consists of regular alcohol and drug testing for patients enrolled for substance use disorder. All services are tailored for each patient and will include a personalized treatment plan.


Clients who require detoxification services will meet with an addiction medicine psychiatrist upon admission. The Medical Director will provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine the appropriate level of care. The physician will do a medication assessment and will collaborate with the patient to ensure that the detoxification process is well coordinated and comfortable.  Medication-assisted treatment is available to ensure a safe and comfortable detoxification, as well as comprehensive psychiatric treatment and medication management for recovery maintenance.  Upon exit from a detoxification program, patients may enroll in an intensive outpatient (day treatment) program in order to rapidly immerse them in healthy behaviors and programming designed to help them gain heightened confidence and independence.

Subtypes of Substance Use Disorders (Opioid Dependence, Alcoholism, Polysubstance Abuse, Co-occurring Disorders