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National Opioid Safety Assessments

For some, using even small doses of prescription opioids may be like handling a live grenade.

If patients or medical professionals are unsure if opioids are right for a patient, they can be referred to Vitality, complete a free assessment, and enroll in a National Opioid Safety & Assessment Program.  Each patient will receive initial results immediately as well as a personalized report that can be shared with their family and healthcare professional.

Specialty Care for Mental Health & Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

The Control Center by Vitality is pioneering a specialty care approach to eliminating opioid dependence that utilizes existing commercial insurance and payer frameworks for treating mental health and addictions, as well as for providing chronic pain rehabilitation.  Compared to traditional programs, ours are more focused on an active outpatient setting (rather than inpatient or residential setting), and in promoting long-term success through comprehensive aftercare and assessments.

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Cravings Control & Long-term Wellness

In order to ensure long-term success for our patients, as well as others in recovery or who have experienced significant functional disability, we have developed programs geared towards Cravings Control & Wellness that help enable people adapt to any environment, ensure they stay in touch with their body’s own stress signals, and to not only reinforce what they’ve learned in our programs, but to put them on the path to continuous or life-long learning about their health.

We aim to provide access to and training on pioneering treatments and technologies that enable those in our community to not only minimize their risk of experience severe physiological cravings, but to be resilient in the face of any of life’s challenges, and to be equipped with the tools necessary to take control of their health long-term.

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